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keto Bodytone Absolute VO2 peak declined slightly and relative VO2 peak was unchanged in one uncontrolled study of 6 weeks on a ketogenic diet. There's unlikely to be a notable change on a ketogenic diet, though uric acid declined considerably more on a control diet in one study. Mixed results, and the study that found the large reduction observed considerably more weight loss in the ketogenic group. Most studies have found a reduction, and the one that didn't was far too short to evaluate the effect of a ketogenic diet. Studies have found notable increases in studies where calories are matched and when they're's more weight loss in the ketogenic group.

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That has distinct metabolic benefits for the body—not just lowering weight but also cutting the risk of diabetes and other metabolic disorders and boosting brain function. The keto diet could be an amazing idea for you if you are a diabetic and that too of the type 2 form. The insulin resistance nature of this form of diabetes causes a rise in your blood sugar level. The biggest source of sugar for your body comes from carbohydrates and hence reducing their quantity from your regular diet helps regulate your blood sugar level greatly.