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Although there is still a long way to go before Valentine's Day, Nike has recently unveiled its new Nike Air Force 1 "Love for all" color scheme specifically for next year's Valentine's Day. The main feature of the shoe body is white stitching and brown lychee leather. The biggest highlight is that the Swoosh uses the "Love for all" stamped letters, and the bright pink embellishment is quite eye-catching.
This iteration of Nike Air Force 1 SE Love For All sneaker uses a white smooth leather base and a Burgundy tumbling leather overlay. They used ordinary white leather Air Force 1 Low, added a deep fuchsia tumbling leather covering around the toes, eyelids, heels and insoles, supplemented with the pink "Love For All" Nike Swoosh logo. The white mesh shoe has a pink trademark on the tongue, and the lace dubai shoes on the pure white White AF1 rubber sole are decorated with a heart-shaped logo to complete the design. . The 3D jelly Swooshes of this shoe highlights the characteristics of the shoe. The words "LOVE" are read on both the outer and inner sides, and the three-word phrase is read completely. Other details include the pink "NIKE AIR" brand and the white heart-shaped covering. The pink Nike tongue brand is added to the tongue, while the white Air midsole and rubber outsole give the appearance a new look.
Air Jordan 1 High OG Light Fusion Red is mainly white, and the eye-catching fusion of red and laser orange adds a lot of color to the upcoming iteration. First of all, the base of these shoes is highlighted with white leather, while light fusion red decorates the covering. In addition, it has leather. Next, Laser Orange landed on the ankle and Swoosh. At the same time, bright yellow accents are used on the Swoosh and the inner lining to add a touch of handsome texture. Other details include white on the midsole and black on the rubber outsole.
Jordans 2019 Cheap, Drawing inspiration from the "Raygun" Nike SB Dunk released in 2005, Nike will bring a new "Raygun" alien theme series next year, which includes Kyrie 7, Air Force 1, and Air Raid shoe models. Recently, the official images and release dates of these three new products were released online.
New Jordan 2020, Kyrie 7 uses black as the base, with orange details and yellow rim Swoosh. The bright yellow part of the heel is the finishing touch, dotted with the image of aliens, which is very eye-catching and recognizable. The shoelace buckle on the front of the shoelace system is also embroidered with alien heads to point out the design theme. This Kyrie 7 inspired by "Raygun" is equipped with a textile upper that crushes black and orange. Next, the black Swoosh has yellow stitching, and the heel is covered with the same shadow. Speaking of heels, the words "Raygun" are used. Finally, the black midsole and white rubber outsole complete the look.
The Nike Air Force 1 more or less borrowed from the color design of the "Raygun" Nike SB Dunk, using white as the main color, followed by red and yellow stitching. The alien logo is slightly different, embellished with a circular logo. Swoosh edge stitching outlines, it brings a unique deconstruction meaning, full of trend. The rear of the shoe continues the shiny colorful appearance of orange and yellow panels. In addition to the printed insole, tongue label, Nike Air embroidery on the rear and the mini Swoosh logo on the upper, the outer area of ​​the heel is also marked with an alien basketball badge. The black socks lining, matching laces and white midsole are matched with the contrasting black rubber outsole, which perfectly blends the design style of the shoes.
Finally, Air Raid still uses the "Rayguns" theme with the iconic yellow and orange colors, with a black frosted leather frame, and the overall texture is outstanding. The iconic alien logo is displayed on the tongue of the shoe, bringing a high degree of recognition. The theme first appeared on SB Dunk in 2005. Its theme is the fictitious 1970s ABA franchise, imagined by the Nike campaign Roswell Rayguns in 2002. It is one of the most memorable models of the brand, with Charlie Murphy Leroy Smith of Michael Jordan and Johnny Kilroy of Michael Jordan. Since then, it can not only serve many customized track bags, but it can also be purchased from Cheap Jordans UK.
Jordans 2019 Cheap have shared many photos of Air Jordan 1 Switch last week. Innovative shoes can be worn high or low. The zipper at the ankle ensures that you can switch between summer low-top shoes or winter high-top shoes. The leaked photos are not that tight, so we still have questions about seeing sneakers. Now that there are official photos, we really see the potential of this pair of shoes. There is even an instruction manual on how to neatly remove or pull back the top of the ankle section. The mini Nike shoes on Nike's nose bring some additional benefits, so you know that it is not an ordinary Air Jordan 1.
The material of the New Jordan 2020 shoes looks good and accurate. Grey suede brings a classic look to the shoes and blends perfectly with white skinny leather. The zippers and details of the shoes are bright yellow. On the overlay, the dark neutral dress is made of high-quality suede and paired with the adjacent layer of white smooth leather. Although it may seem familiar at first glance, the model is cut slimmer than the original model, and the proportions of the lower half are more similar to Low. Where this form would logically end, a bright yellow zipper is now placed, connected to a removable high collar with the Wings logo.
New Air Jordan 1 Low PRM Elephant Print shoe uppers are made of refined gray suede and white full-grain leather. There is a big tear-proof pull tab on the tongue and a thin yellow pull tab on the heel. A group of yellow laces covering the forefoot suddenly appeared on the smallest leather upper of the shoe, which had the same hue as the detachable ankle zipper of the shoe. All these details stay on the retro-style beige midsole, and finally the thin gray outsole.
By using snaps, Velcro and zippers, this Air Jordan 1 Low can be turned into Jordan 1 Low in a few seconds. However, unlike the custom, the conversion is not permanent here-performing the same steps in reverse will restore the shoe to its original shape. If you are confused, the brand anticipates it and comes with a small manual to guide you through the process. We still have to get used to this, but it will get better over time. This shoe will be released in early 2021, please follow our blog for more updates!
The Nike Dunk Low PRM Medium Curry color scheme, which has attracted a lot of fans by its appearance, has ushered in the latest physical pictures. The whole pair of shoes uses milk tea color and white stitching, with beige Swoosh, and is shaped with suede material. The overall temperament is very gentle and pleasant. Enjoy it, it will be commercially available next year.
The Nike SB Dunk Low CNY will join a huge dunk low lineup planned for 2021 and will be dressed up in "Sail", "Medium Curry" and "Fossil Hues." The upper is mainly composed of two suede tones. : Crisp white and fluffy brown. The former adds beauty to the toe box, quarter panels and high heels, while the latter adds contrast of the same name at the fenders, goggles, heel and stitched neckline. A soft wheat color is also added to the mix, which appears in the Swooshes and Nike building on the heel tab.
This Nike SB Dunk upper is made of full suede, with Sail upper, brown veneer and fossil-colored Swooshes and high heels. The Sail midsole on the Curry rubber sole completes the design.This orange, almost dark brown hue runs through the entire suede covering, creating a sharp contrast between the white leather below. When leaving, Swoosh prefers tones between these two extremes, and its shade is more like natural cream. Elsewhere, the tread is modified with even darker shades, which are not very similar to the similar seasonings that make up the nominal dish. Wearing Sail, Medium Curry and Fossil color schemes.