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Elegant and elegant cigarettes, with a round and thick texture, and a pleasant outer packaging, are currently one of the most sought after high-end cigarettes. It has a large sales volume and a high reputation Marlboro Cigarettes. The smoke is rich, plump, elegant and elegant, secluded and long-lasting, the texture is round and thick, the taste is full and pure, uniform and harmonious, less irritating, moderate strength, clean and comfortable aftertaste, giving people a feeling of refreshing and endless aftertaste. As a high-quality cigarette, it is very successful and highly praised by consumer groups in China. White base, light blue blended into it, fresh and elegant, atmospheric and fashionable. The cigarettes are white and elegant, with solid filling and good structure. The smell of smoke is light and attractive, the taste is pure and refreshing, the aftertaste is fresh and pure, there is no fuss, the faint medicinal scent, the smell is particularly comfortable, the mouth is not dry, not astringent, and there is no uncomfortable graininess. It is a worthy drink Of pure cigarettes. Take a deep breath and gently enter the lungs Parliament Cigarettes. As the smoke slid through the throat, I still experienced the mixed-type breath that is unique to cigarettes, which was a bit hard and thick. When entering the lungs, the impact of smoke on the lungs is not very strong, and of course it is impossible to be full. The exhaled smoke is soft with a little richness, not very choking. Looking at the tone of the burning soot, light white, it can be seen that the quality of the cut tobacco of this cigarette is still quite high Cheap Cigarettes. The shredded tobacco is very shiny and golden. At first glance, it is known that it is high-end shredded tobacco. The taste is good. Put a cigarette stick on your nose and sip it. The taste is still there, but it feels weak. Light a cigarette and taste it carefully. It is smooth, the similarity is more than 95%, and there is no lingering fragrance in the mouth after pumping. Tobacco fragrance and bluegrass fragrance are perfectly combined, using deep-seated water-locking technology to condense moisture, and fully capture the smooth and moist feeling of smoke. The "Vitamin E family" pop-bead active ingredients are released to your heart's content, bringing a mellow, soft and sweet taste experience, and you can enjoy the endless positive energy of youth.
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