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The AI should not be able to Madden 21 coins understand what I had predicted. Tired of playaction getting the home caused and tired of this AI understanding every time I have somebody on a"go" route. Makes playing against All-Madden extremely restrictive.

On the subject of players that are heavier, weight should influence strength; I shouldn't have a NT that is 280lbs using 95 strength plugging the interior of my lineup; it'd be nice to get some type of hidden slider which has an impact on the burden:strength correlation.

Frankly EA just seems like they gave up on this one so I doubt anything serious will get shifted, but maybe they are taking a look at pushing a lot of great features for your next gen version? I would hope that's the case, otherwise M20 is probably the last one I'll play for the foreseeable future.

It is the exact same in 20. There is not any slider that affects sheds dealing with the pass or run. It's only pass blocking and run blocking strength which we may tune. Too high, you never get by. Too low, you constantly get by. There's no slider which controls the defensive line/backers which is why we have this matter.

Right now, we can't possibly strike a balance between the blocking and shedding. All of Madden participant here, and can tell you I STILL have not found the sweet spot with the blocking sliders to ensure it is realistic.

That's 6 full played seasons worth of analyzing mind you. It also makes getting tackles with linemen very demanding considering the sole tackles you get are behind the line if anything.

This brings up another matter, we want MORE SLIDERS. That and as a DE or DT, we want the option to disengage from Mmoexp Mut 21 coins a blocker and chase the ball carrier instead of just producing pass moves and shedding for the run.

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By rsgoldfast
Added Nov 4



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