The armor will be the exact same color as they essence from from Weismart's blog

Fire, crimson, shaped like the fire symbol. The Process: The process where you smith the armor. There will be multiple wizards additional, spread over P2P RuneScape. You must complete a task for RS gold those wizards, and they will teleport you to an altar, in which you"smith" the essences. There will be a bank there, as you probably will not have your essences with you. The bank will be Wizard Narvich, who'll magically draw character only from your bank. You inform him which essence you need, and he will put it in your inventory.

The armor will be the exact same color as they essence from which it had been created. There are certain smithing levels for certain elements, which is told in another article. Interesting idea. However, sounds much like the storm/flame/stone/iceforged from Guild Wars, not saying you copied it, or even play that, purely commenting. The stats will be fine, but I'm pleased to see some kind of elaboration at last. Now, seriously...

Elemental armor: Armor that defies the Player-Killing triangle to an extent. How? You do not explain at all. Would'Fire Armour' give you a bonus against dip, assault ? Can it burn your opponent occaisionally, and if so, for what damage? Maybe it could give you unlimited, or a small source of flame runes, like staves, even though that could be over powered. Where do you access the minigame, and do you need any prerequisites for that? Finally, can these items be traded between players or sold to the general store. If this is so, store costs .

Well, I have come up with an idea for a random event that will help players and slow down macroers. He's modeled after Paul Bunyan.His title is Jack that the Lumberjack, a muscular man in a Red checkered shirt, blue pants, a red lumberjack hat, black hair, and buy OSRS gold a big black beard, with a huge woodcutting axe in his hands. 

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By Weismart
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