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Another thing you should pick up is really a DDS for RS gold your spec weapon (if you haven't already). It's cheap, and has a fantastic offensive unique that can minutely accelerate your task (if anything it makes you feel great getting two great stacked hits). If you plan on slaying a lot, you need to make an effort and work toward finishing the Hard Seer's Village diary, as the Enhanced Excalibur is an excellent healing Panel weapon (+200 lp every 5 minutes is nothing to sneer in ). It has some high demands, but it's surely well worth it. Seers Village Diary enchanced Excal is a L0L IMO, simply because depending on your slayer master, you won't even want too heal, and, 1 thing I must add about DDS is the fact that it BEATS CLAWS because it is possible to use it on 4 different creatures, it is fairly accurate, and it doesn't occupy a lot of the exceptional pub (claws are great for bosses/PvP only because they have the capability to do a lot of damage in a limited while. Slayer, however, although you want hurt, you do not need to invest 100% special on just 8 hits - 4 most of them probably being below 100). Additionally, Korasi is a pretty good unique weapon to get (apart from DDS) and works really well on alloy drags.

For cash, you shouldn't be relying on herb drops, since, really, they aren't worth much money any more after Sorceress' Garden bots shot over. Next, if you've got the slayer, it is possible to go to Abberbant spectres, which shed a great deal of herbs + higher level herb seeds, also, can get you a fantastic ~500k/hr, also as not being too populated by spiders.

My money earning is purely obsolete, unfortunately, bar two, which I don't think you'd like. Those 2 are: dicing (and I mean dice dueling, NOT HOSTING, however ) but that is primarily predicated on a 50/50 chance and you have the capacity to get cleaned, or create bank (I have cleaned twice, however, because I really had little cash, it did not really matter.

PK'ing (that, I am pretty sure you would not enjoy ). Incidentally, you are able to whip iron dragons fine, it's really not that hard. Worst comes worse, utilize fire blast. Next importantly, Duradel assigns REALLY challenging jobs for 100+ cb and I would just recommend him if you are 115 CB+ (but if you can use Kuradel, then DO IT). As for me, I would not really say you need to be getting Bandos in your CB (in case your not 100+ yet!) And I'd urge training your stats more before you try also. Butif you have to buy OSRS gold, Abberant spectres are pretty good, I figure.

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